HIDDEN in the Welsh countryside a new rural industry was discovered by police – in sex.

Officers discovered a “house of ill repute” in a static caravan on Anglesey

Two Thai women sex workers, aged 49 and 50, charged £100-an-hour for their services, a court heard on Thursday.

District judge Gwyn Jones at Caernarfon court imposed a five-year slavery and trafficking risk order – the first in North Wales.

Alun Williams, 63, of Manaw Fawr Farm, Bodedern, had rented out the caravan for £200 a week, police said.

Solicitor Eilian Williams, for him, said he was “barely literate” and not an organiser.

“His failure is he didn’t ask important questions,” the lawyer added.

Under the order he must comply with a number of conditions including providing bank and phone details to police, not travelling with sex workers, and not carry more than £200 without a reasonable explanation.

The application against Thumma Peacock, 59, who previously ran a brothel at Bangor, and was said to be in Thailand at the moment, was adjourned.