NORTH Wales Police has successfully applied for a Slavery and Trafficking Risk Order (STRO) against an Anglesey man this week, the first of its kind in North Wales.

The news comes following a Closure Order being granted on October 4. STROs enable action to be taken where this is necessary to prevent serious harm to the public notwithstanding the absence of a conviction.

When the closure order was originally granted, evidence was delivered to the court by the Priority Crime Team that the property was associated with Human Trafficking and Prostitution offences over a prolonged period of time.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Davies said: "We welcome the granting by the Court of this STRO today. It is a first for North Wales Police, and underlines our commitment to making our force area the safest place to live in the United Kingdom.”

Slavery and Trafficking Risk Orders can be made by a Court in respect of an individual who has not been convicted of a slavery or trafficking offence. The Court must be satisfied that there is a risk that the defendant may commit a slavery or human trafficking offence and that the STRO is necessary to protect against the risk of harm from the defendant committing the offence.

Det Sgt. Davies added: added: “Our investigations into the three individuals arrested continue, but in the meantime, this order seeks to reassure the public that we will continue to take action against those who engage in this type of criminal activity, and in doing so disrupt the lives of others within the community."