AMLWCH'S Bronze age mines, protection from witches and the restoration of an historic railway line are featured in a new TV series.

Popular S4C TV show Cynefin starts its third series in Wales's northernmost town.

Heledd Cynwal meets local characters to reveal hidden stories, archaeologist Iestyn Jones digs through the area's history, whilst Siôn Tomos Owen recounts local folk tales.

Heledd Cynwal said: “In less than a century, Amlwch went from a sleepy village with some half a dozen houses to becoming a town with a population of more than 6,000 people in 1831.

"This was thanks to the discovery of copper in the depths of the earth nearby.

“Because of the copper ore in Parys Mountain, the port of Amlwch was, at one time, the busiest in Wales while Amlwch itself became one of the most important towns in the world.”

During the first programme, on Sunday, November 3, Heledd helps a group of volunteers to renovate the historic railway Amlwch Line – which used to link Amlwch to Gaerwen.

There are plans under way to re-open the track and Heledd rolls up her sleeves to help the volunteers with Ifor Humphreys

Iestyn visits Parys Mountain and the copper mine which has influenced Amlwch over the years.

He goes under ground to to see mine workings from the Bronze Age with Neil Summers.

Above ground, on Parys Mountain, Iestyn chats with Wil Hughes.

Meanwhile, Siôn visits an ancient church with a picture of a skeleton from the 15th Century, a symbol scratched into the wall to protect the church from witches and a tool from the 18th century to get rid of unruly dogs!

He also traces the history of Amlwch’s pubs – there was once 84 in the town!

Cynefin is on at 8pm, on S4C on Sunday, November 3 with English subtitles.

It is on demand at S4C Clic, BBC iPlayer and other platforms.