A LATVIAN mum living in the Irish Republic was jailed for 28 months on Tuesday after being stopped driving a car through a Welsh ferry port with two Albanian illegal immigrants inside.

Linda Jankovska, 24, of Cruise Park Drive, Blanchardstown, a shop worker and pizza deliverer, admitted facilitating a breach of immigration law at Holyhead in Anglesey on September 10.

Prosecuting barrister Simon Mills said Britain and Ireland had long-standing free-movement arrangements.

“It’s necessary for the arrangements at Holyhead to be as they are. Unfortunately that can be sadly exploited by people who wish to do so,” he remarked.

Judge Timothy Petts told Jankovska at Caernarfon crown court such offences had to be met with deterrent sentences. “They undermine the basis of immigration control,” he said.

Forfeiture of her Audi car was ordered.

The prosecutor said she had two Albanian men with her after arriving on a ferry from Dublin. The ferry booking, using false names, was paid for in cash.

When stopped at Holyhead, Jankovska said she was going to see a friend at Chester and then driving to Colchester. She told border officials her front seat passenger was her boyfriend but when asked for his name had replied :”Whatever he said.”

The Albanians had both claimed asylum in Ireland and were returned there. “Their true intention had been to enter the UK unlawfully and remain here as an economic migrant,” Mr Mills declared.

“No doubt she’s done this for some form of financial gain,” counsel added.

Elen Owen, defending, said Jankovska claimed to have been in an “on-off” relationship and had been asked to give the men a lift. Her only gain was being paid the cost of the trip.

Counsel said :”She is a vulnerable young woman. It’s a tragic story of a young woman who’s struggled throughout her relatively young life.”

A man had “taken advantage of that vulnerability and to some extent put pressure on her.”

Jankovska faced deportation to Latvia.

The barrister added : "She’s lost everything. She’s lost her job, she’s lost her home.”