A LLANGEFNI shop customer has shown the true meaning of recycling by re-using a 60 year old milk bottle!

A former butler at the Anglesey mansion Plas Newydd, John Morris, visited his local Siop Ellis Spar with an antique Garreg Boeth dairy bottle to be refilled.

The Llangefni store had recently launched a scheme which allows customers to use their own containers to buy their daily milk from a machine.

The idea was the brain child of shop keepers Leonie Gaulton and partner Paul Ellis and aims to reduce waste on the island. The couple already run several recycling schemes taking items such as toothbrushes, crisp packets and cosmetic wrapping - not usually taken in the normal recycling.

Since the Chronicle covered the launch of the milk service - thought to be the only one of its kind on Anglesey - the couple have been inundated with inquiries, with interest from as far away as Japan.

Mr Morris followed in the footsteps of his uncle Henry Morris, who was head butler to Lord Henry Paget, the 7th Marquess of Anglesey.

Mr Morris said: “This fantastic old milk bottle came from the Garreg Boeth milk farm from the 50’s and 60’s.

“I remember the farmer well Mr and Mrs Nichols. My father was the agricultural merchant who used to supply their dairy herd with cattle cake.

“My Uncle Henry Morris, head butler at Plas Newydd wouldn’t enjoy a cup of tea without his special milk!What a joy it was to receive milk at Siop Ellis in my Carreg Boeth milk bottle which is over 60 Years old!

Mr Morris who runs the Daniel Tearoom in Llangefni, added:

“Lord Anglesey would insist on the Jersey Milk because it was so creamy for making clotted cream which Lord and Lady Anglesey would enjoy daily for afternoon tea.

“HRH Prince Charles and members of the Royal Family would stay at the mansion on a regular basis and my Uncle would serve them afternoon tea with scones, clotted cream with milk from that bottle which I have in the tearoom.

“The 7th Marquess, Lord Henry Paget who sadly passed away in 2013, aged 90 years old, would have been proud of the recycling work going on at Siop Ellis.

“He would also congratulate Mr Ellis with regard to his Welsh language speaking staff. The Marquess was very supportive of Welsh culture and language. Also HRH Prince Charles. Carry on with the special work Mr Ellis!

He added: “Mr Ellis at Siop Ellis, and the staff are doing fantastic work!”