A FORMER British army sergeant who survived active service in Iraq but sustained a brain injury after a simple slip has raised £177 during a Bangor run.

Mark Woods, from Newborough, raised the cash during the Bangor 10k for the charity Headway Gwynedd and Môn which helped him rebuild his life.

Originally from Altrincham, the 43-year-old dedicated more than 20 years to military service.

As an acting sergeant he came face to face with life and death on a daily basis in Iraq.

But it was a simple slip on a doormat that would change his life. In 2016, Mark was running errands in the house when he fell.

From his injuries, doctors believed that he had hit his head on a table and chair, and collided with the floor.

He had a small cut on his head, and his friends and family initially thought his injuries were minor.

It was only when Mark’s condition deteriorated that the seriousness became apparent. Scans revealed Mark had a fractured temple, and multiple bleeds on his brain. He spent six weeks in hospital.

The effects of his injury included short-term memory loss, fatigue and communication problems.

Despite having speech and language therapy he has been left with expressive aphasia, and often struggles to use and express language

During his training, Mark ran early in the morning or late at night to avoid speaking to people due to his communication issues.

“I have to avoid strangers when I’m running because I’m not in a position to explain why I can’t politely say ‘Hi’ or ‘Good afternoon’ like anyone else would,” he said.

."During the run I was really tired and stressed, but overall I was glad that I took on the challenge.

"It was really helpful to have some of my friends and family run with me for support.

He added: "Everyone at Headway is in the same boat. They understand exactly what you're going through."

To donate see: Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nicola-brown109