A PROUD Volvo owner who claimed he had a Pepsi bottle between his legs and unscrewed the lid, and he hadn’t behaved in a lewd manner, has been found guilty of outraging public decency.

Magistrates at Llandudno said two workmen in a van had given “clear, credible and consistent” evidence about what really happened on the A55 Expressway at Colwyn Bay last January.

Marek Sorocina, 46, of Toronnen, Bangor, who told the court he ran a coffee shop and was well-known at Holyhead and Bangor, denied the offence.

He claimed he was diabetic, sipped from the bottle, and the prosecution witnesses were mistaken about the alleged lewd act that night.

But prosecutor Anouska Youds asked the court :"Does a cola bottle resemble a penis?”

He was bailed for a probation report.

The van driver said a light went on in the Volvo car as it overtook him, going westbound, and he thought he saw Sorocina “flashing.” The Volvo pulled in front of him and slowed so the van overtook.

But there was then a second overtaking manoeuvre by Sorocina and, this time, it had been “very clear” what he was doing.

The eyewitness, 42, was “enraged.”

A colleague said they were “utterly shocked” at what they saw. He used a mobile phone to photograph the number plate and tried to get a picture of the car driver.

Sorocina told his solicitor Richard Williams that he had been returning from Slovakia to Bangor, via Luton airport. He was proud of his car.

He denied committing a lewd act and then trying to shield his face.

Sorocina said a picture of his car had been placed on Facebook.

“I feel a little unfairly treated,” he maintained in evidence.

His solicitor said no malicious intention by the prosecution witnesses was suggested.

The prosecution suggested Sorocina was a “blatant exhibitionist,” Mr Williams remarked.

“What Mr Sorocina is saying is these two gentlemen have got it wrong.”