YNYS Môn’s Albert Owen joined MPs in a rousing Welsh hymn marking their protest at the closing of Parliament.

Mr Owen joined other Welsh MPs for a defiant rendition of Calan Lân (Pure of Heart) as the Parliament shut for five weeks.

Opposition MPs object to the prorogation during a critical period in Brexit negotiations. They will not sit again until October 14, after the Queen prorogued parliament on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s instructions.

Labour’s Albert Owen, Tonia Antioniazzi, and Stephen Doughty and Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards and Ben Lake led the singing.

Mr Owen said; “It was an impromptu sing-a-long. All the gathered MP’s sang a song that was associated with their respective countries. I might be biased but the ‘Welsh won it hands down!”

Calon Lân is a traditional Welsh song, written in the1890s. It was originally a hymn, but it has become firmly established as a rugby anthem, associated with Welsh rugby union.