A SAILING boat taking on water and a catamaran with engine failure both required help from the Beaumaris lifeboat.

The coastguard at Holyhead requested the Beaumaris RNLI crew launch to the first incident near Beaumaris on Sunday, September 8.

The volunteers were paged at 8.55am, and the Inshore Atlantic 85 Lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington was launched at 9.05am. The Penmon Coastguard Rescue Team were also tasked to attend Beaumaris Pier to assist if required.

The craft managed to reach a mooring near Beaumaris. The two people aboard the stricken boat were helped by a member of the lifeboat crew who dentified the source of the water ingress, and managed to stop it.

The crew of the casualty vessel remained aboard overnight at the mooring until it could be repaired the next day at Gallows Point.

The Beaumaris lifeboat crew arrived back at 9.40pm, being refuelled and was made ready for her next service by 10.10pm.

The incident followed another call to a catamaran with engine failure near the Caernarfon Bar, at the entrance to the Menai Strait, on Saturday, September 7.

The Holyhead coastguard had received a request for assistance from the crew of the craft.

Lifeboat volunteers were paged at 7.43am and the Beaumaris Inshore Atlantic 85 Lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington launched at 7.55am.

According to a Beaumaris lifeboat spokesperson: "Fortunately the vessel had managed to anchor in the channel but was beam on to the swell which made the conditions for the two crew members aboard the craft very uncomfortable.

"Once at the scene one of the volunteer lifeboat crew was placed aboard the casualty vessel and the lifeboat proceeded to tow the craft into the Menai Strait, after transferring from an astern tow to an alongside tow the lifeboat gently placed the catamaran alongside the vessel's pontoon berth at Port Dinorwic Marina."

Once the rescue was complete the lifeboat returned to her station at Beaumaris at 10.40am. It was refuelled and made ready for her next service call by 11am.