HUNDREDS of people gathered in Bangor to demonstrate against the proroguing of Parliament.

The Stand up for Democracy protestors gathered by city’s clock on the High Street on Saturday. Demo organiser Bangor’s deputy mayor Cllr Owen Hurcum said “Surprisingly, no one from the Tory party got in touch to ask to speak.”

Speakers included Linda Rogers from Bangor and Ynys Môn Peace Group, Cllr Catrin Wager for Plaid Cymru, Steffie Williams Roberts for the Bangor Labour Party, Gareth Wyn Roberts, on behalf of North Wales for Europe, Plaid Cymru MPs Liz Saville Roberts and Hywel Williams, Mark Rosenthal for the Liberal Democrats and Cllr Hurcum.

Chairperson of Bangor Branch Labour Party Steffie Williams Roberts said: “This is not about leave or remain, deal or nor deal, or what colour of rosette you wear on election day this is about democracy.

Hywel Williams, Arfon MP, said: “Boris Johnson is committed to leaving the EU without a deal, hugely damaging to my Arfon constituency. He wants to push through his hard Brexit whilst shutting down democracy by dangerous and cynical means.

“But as we saw in Bangor, Wales rejects Boris Johnson, his ideology, and we reject his attempt at undermining representative democracy. People are rightly outraged that the Prime Minister of the UK is behaving like an autocratic ruler than the Prime Minister of a modern democracy.

It was encouraging to see so many in Bangor on Saturday from across the political divide, united by a common desire to see democracy upheld.”