Anglesey Council’s new Chief Executive is set to be announced next week.

On Thursday, behind closed doors meetings of the authority’s appointments committee and full council are set rubber-stamp the appointment of the new head of paid service.

The new post holder, advertised on a salary of £117,000 a year, will replace the outgoing Dr Gwynne Jones who announced his intention to retire last month.

Replacing Richard Parry Jones in 2015, Dr Jones had previously spent three years as the County Council’s Director of Lifelong Learning. Before joining Anglesey Council in April 2012 he had worked as Chief Executive of Cynnal – the curriculum and ICT support agency which works across Anglesey and Gwynedd, as well as head of schools at Gwynedd Council between 2003 and 2006.

According to the authority’s accounts for 2018/19, Dr Jones was paid £116,000 with another £1,000 allocated for expenses allowances, meaning that the new salary for the post will remain largely the same.

Dr Jones, on his intention to retire, said: “It has been a difficult decision for me personally, as I have enjoyed the role immensely.

“I was born and raised on Anglesey and it has been an honour to contribute to the lives of its residents. I have decided, however, that the time is now right for me to retire.

“Local government still faces significant challenges in these times of austerity. I have been fortunate to have a team of hugely dedicated and professional staff around me; and elected members who have afforded me their trust and support.”

He added, “There have, of course, been challenging times, but we have achieved a great deal despite our depleted budgets year on year. I will certainly look back at my time here with fondness and pride.”

Both the appointments committee and full council will meet on Thursday, both closed to the press and public, with an announcement expected shortly thereafter.