VISITORS to Anglesey Agricultural show enjoyed light hearted entertainment in addition to the traditional livestock competitions.

Perhaps the funniest sight at the Show was a sheepdog herding a collection of waddling ducks around the main show ring.

The errant birds, actually they weren’t ducks but were drakes, were from Meirion Owen’s Quack Pack. The team of border collies and comical Indian Runner ducks, brought giggles and chuckles to adults and children alike.

Meirion is a very accomplished and well respected sheepdog handler, judge and event organiser. He is the third generation involved with training and competing with sheepdogs, his late father and grandfather were also excellent sheepdog trainers and competitors.

Spending time with his dogs is his way of life from training, competitions, and demonstrations.

Birds of a more serious feather, falcons, were on display. Terry Large’s falconry team gave displays of the prowess of these fiercesome hunting birds. There was also a parade of vintage tractors and farming machinery by the Anglesey Vintage Equipment Society including a threshing box and baling machine bought new in 1941. In addition colourful floral displays decorated horticulture section, where visitors could also see bees busily creating honey and learn about the importance of wildflower diversity on lawns.