DOLPHINS have been having a fin-tastic time splashing around in the Menai Strait on Thursday.

Guests and staff taking a trip on the popular RibRide attraction have spotted the mammals jumping in and out of the waves along the Strait throughout the day.

Commenting on the video (above) they uploaded to Facebook, a spokesperson for RibRide said: "These chaps have spent the day feeding around our RIBs. We suspect there is a connection with incoming bad weather so fully expect them to be around for a few days."

North Wales Chronicle:

Picture courtesy of School of Ocean Sciences

The bottle nose dolphins have bee swimming very close to the RIBS and have been spotted by other around the Straits too.

Bangor University's School of Ocean Sciences posted this stunning pictures of two of the sea creatures "dancing" with one another near their building this morning.

For more information on RibRides and have your chance to get close to the dolphins, visit or @ribride the FB page.