A CHARITY shop in Bangor says it is "delighted" by a recent surge in high quality donations, including two pieces of Gucci clothing, each originally worth more than £600.

Staff at the British Heart Foundation store on Garth Road believe the donations are down to students leaving behind designer clothes as they head home for summer.

These include Gucci, Prada and Juicy Couture items spotted in donation bags.

The charity's Pack for Good campaign has seen a rise in luxury donations nationwide - as it encourages students who leave university to donate any quality items to their cause and the BHF then pick these up free of charge.

Any high-value items are auctioned on the charity’s eBay site to ensure as much money as possible can be raised for the charity.

Last year, from generous student donations alone, the BHF raised over £2 million for research to help the 7.4 million people living in the UK with heart and circulatory disease.

Allison Swaine-Hughes, Retail Director, said:

“We know not all students are walking around in the latest designer labels, but each year we’re amazed by some of the high value, luxury items that are left behind by students finishing for the summer.

This year, we have already seen a dramatic rise in quality donations. If you are looking for a designer bargain, head down to your nearest BHF shop now or get bidding on our eBay site to get them before they go."