A 999 pest assaulted and insulted an ambulance technician and delayed the crew’s response to a real emergency, a court heard on Tuesday when he was jailed for six months.

Kevin Thorman, 32, of Pant yr Eithin, Harlech, Gwynedd, had a very low IQ and a drink problem, magistrates at Caernarfon heard. But court chairman Elfed ap Gomer told him: "This was an unprovoked attack. You deliberately targeted the smallest person there.

“You pushed her and you pinned her with force to the side of the ambulance, trapping her so she couldn’t escape. We can only surmise what you might have done with your clenched fist had the other paramedic not held on to your wrist.”

The magistrate added: "You endangered the life of another person by holding up a red emergency call. Only custody will do.”

Thorman was ordered to pay £150 compensation to Ann Ridley.

He admitted assaulting the emergency worker in the high street at Porthmadog in May, misusing the 999 system, and being drunk and disorderly at Harlech railway station on another occasion when the prosecution said he contacted police seeking a lift home.

Prosecutor Diane Williams said Thorman assaulted the ambulancewoman after calling 999 saying he was going to die. Uninjured Thorman had been sitting on a bench and had a can of lager.

Ann Ridley had disgusting comments aimed at her, and a woman colleague grabbed the defendant’s wrist before a member of the public came to their aid. The prosecutor said the victim had also been kicked to the shin and was sore.

Mrs Williams said another emergency call required an eight-minute response. When Thorman was removed from the ambulance by police, the crew rushed to the patient 15 miles away but they had been delayed four minutes.

Simon Sargent, defending, agreed Thorman’s behaviour was “wholly unacceptable.” He was on benefit and social services were aware of him.

“His functioning isn’t as a normal person would be,” the solicitor remarked. “But the trigger is alcohol.”

No visible injury had been caused to the emergency worker.