PLAID CYMRU Assembly Member for Arfon Sian Gwenllian led a public rally to protest against the arrival of US President Donald Trump this week as he made his three-day state visit to the UK.

A large crowd gathered at the Bangor clock on Monday night to join in with the protest arranged by the Bangor and Anglesey Peace and Justice Group.

Speaking on why she chose to take part in the rally, Ms Gwenllian said: "Trump is leading the attack against LGBTQ+ people. He is challenging the right not to be discriminated against in employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity. He is attacking same sex marriage and the rights of transgender people.

"We must also resist his attacks on women. Trump’s administration is leading the US-wide campaign against women’s reproductive health. Let’s be clear; nobody has any business regulating another’s body. An attack on the right to choose is an attack on all women, everywhere.

"We’re here in Bangor to oppose this massive leap backwards in civil rights. We’re here today to defend the oppressed against Trump’s far-right agenda. And we are here today to fight hate with love."

In a passionate speech, Ms Gwenllian went on to add: "Trump’s dangerous rhetoric can be seen clearly in the way he talks about other countries, the sabre rattling with Venezuela and Iran can be heard ever more loudly.

"He is also turning the clock back decades on the fight against climate breakdown – we’re living in a climate emergency; what we need are answers, not denial.

"That’s why I’m proud that Plaid Cymru has been consistent in our opposition to the far-right in America, in Wales, in England, and across the world."

Phil Steele from the Bangor and Anglesey Peace Group added: " It was a very good rally in a windy Bangor.

"Many different groups have drawn together to oppose the Trump agenda. Many thanks must go to Bangor street choir, Siån Gwenllian AM and Ben Gregory, Matthew Misiaks and other members of the Extinction Rebellion."