"IT was an election that should never have taken place" said Anglesey politician Nathan Gill.

Following Thursday's European parliamentary elections Mr Gill now joins three other MEPs being sent to Brussels from Wales.

In the European elections MEPs are elected to serve every five years. The results were Nathan Gill (Brexit Party), Jill Evans (Plaid Cymru), James Wells (Brexit Party) and Jackie Jones (Labour).

On Anglesey, results show there was a 40.49% voter turn out, with total votes in person 14,570 and postal votes 6,127. The the total number of votes were 20,697.

The nationwide vote breakdown saw the following results: Conservative, 54,587, Labour, 127,833, Liberal Democrat, 113,885, Plaid Cymru, 193,928, Brexit, 271,404, Change, 24,332, Green, 52,660, Ukip, 27,566 and rejected 5,655.

Nathan Gill of the Brexit Party, who lives near Llangefni, said: ""This was the election that should never have taken place. The people of Wales have spoken once again: We are a Brexit nation. We want to leave the EU with a clean Brexit and that is what we have spoken for."

Mr Gill is married to his American wife Jana, and has five children. The family are practising Mormons.

Jill Evans (Plaid Cymru) said "I would like to thank Plaid Cymru for having the confidence in me to lead our party in this election. Many of these people [who voted for Plaid] voted Plaid for the first time because they share our convictions that Wales' future is in the European Union."

James Wells (Brexit Party) said: "We are not a flash in the pan and we will carry on fighting to respect the referendum in 2016."

Jackie Jones (Labour): "I will work hard to enhance social justice, union rights, action on climate change and ensure that Wales continues to maximise the benefits of EU Membership, adding that the people of Wales had voted 57 per cent for Remain-supporting parties. Wales is now clearly a remain nation. I shall therefore represent the views of the majority," she said.

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