A NEW Anglesey scheme is bringing old and young people together help boost happiness and wellbeing.

The island's community groups Agewell Hwyliog Môn and Caru Amlwch have launched their first 'intergeneration group' in Amlwch this week.

The initiative brings some of the most elderly and youngest members of the Amlwch community together.

Organisers say "It's a very natural idea to incorporate children joining in with older people in society.

"It brings people a lot of happiness to see the joy of children taking part in a fun way and for the older people to be able to remember the fun they had with their own children and grandchildren who are often living far away."

On Wednesday, the group got to know each other playing games, building Duplo castles, read stories, sang songs, danced and played musical instruments with members of the Agewell band.

A spokesperson for the group said: "This is our first project and we hope the local primary and secondary schools will soon be joining with us for sessions such as local history gathering, making personal life scrap books comparing our elderly members' life experiences to what the children experience now.

"The hope is that the Welsh Bac students would volunteer to show technology and the uses of it to our many elderly members. Using WhatsApp for example or Skype to communicate with relatives and friends would help to combat loneliness and the feeling of isolation."

Research has shown that adults who experienced close intergenerational interaction are less prone to depression, have better physical health, as well as being happier with their present life and more hopeful for the future.

If anyone would like to know more about the project or would like to volunteer with us please contact Agewell via: https://agewellhwyliogmon.org.uk/ Phone: 01407 831862 or email: amlwchagewell@gmail.com