ENVIRONMENTALISTS are campaigning outside a Bangor bank to protest against investments in fossil fuels.

North Wales Momentum is staging action, between 12 and 1pm, outside Barclays Bangor High Street branch, on Saturday, May 25.

Momentum members, will be joined by environmental groups, including Extinction Rebellion, who are taking direct action against Barclays.

It is part of a nationwide campaign, with simultaneous action in towns and city's across the UK, to pressure the bank into dropping its investments in the fossil fuel industry.

Rick Mills said, “Climate change is already devastating communities around the world, and things are going to get a lot worse in the future.”

“It is vitally important that banks stop funding the fossil fuel industry if we are going to avoid climate breakdown.”

“Inspired by the young people participating in the youth climate strikes around the world, we’ll be organising Labour members to take action against Barclays, who have been identified as the top funder of fossil fuels in Europe.”

“Only the banks have the cash to finance big fossil fuel infrastructure projects. If we break the chain of fossil fuel finance, we can make the functioning of the fossil fuel industry impossible. Campaigners have beaten Barclays before. Now is the time to do it again.”