A MULTI-MILLION pound Bangor business park which has remained empty for the past 20 years has prompted calls for action.

When it was started back in 2000, it was hoped the 90-acre Parc Bryn Cegin, on the outskirts of Bangor, would attract investment, create jobs and provide 70,000 sq metres of floor spaces for business.

Raising the issue with Welsh Government Minister for Economy Ken Skates, Siân Gwenllian AM said it was a ‘scandal’ that millions of pounds had been spent on preparatory infrastructure work for the site, but there was "still nothing" in terms of work, jobs or business.

She described the empty park as a sign of the Welsh Government's "failure" to invest in north Wales, saying it was responsible for "the inaction," and not the Welsh Assembly.

Mrs Siân Gwenllian has now called on the Government to prioritise attracting "business and quality jobs" to the site.

The Plaid Cymru Assembly Member said: "Millions of pounds were spent on infrastructure to support developments at Parc Bryn Cegin, and its position adjacent to the A55 is a big advantage. But fundamentally there is still nothing there in terms of work and jobs.

"With no firm proposals submitted and ambiguous answers from the Welsh Government, local people are rightly fed-up. What they and I want is to see businesses on the site, providing quality jobs for local people.

"Both Hywel Williams MP and I have been lobbying the Welsh Labour Government about this lack of progress to ascertain what support they’re providing to those expressing an interest in the site and what further steps they’re taking to bring much-needed investment to the area.

"The people of Bangor and Arfon have waited long enough for a straightforward answer from the Welsh Government as to what the future holds for the site.

"Bangor is a great city, but we need investment and we need jobs for our young people.

"The employment opportunities for local people if Parc Bryn Cegin’s potential was fully realised, would be a great boost for the city and the whole region and the site’s inclusion as a strategic hub in the north Wales growth scheme is of significant importance.’

"I will continue to press the Welsh Government on this issue until progress is made with the site.

"We cannot let another ten years go by without any jobs being created at Parc Bryn Cegin."

A Welsh Government spokesperson: “It must be remembered that economic conditions which have been felt around the world over recent years have made it difficult to attract developers and occupiers to major developments such as Parc Bryn Cegin.

"However, we are pleased the preferred developer, Liberty Properties, has reported that it still has strong interest from a cinema operator and up to four restaurant operators for the site.

"It is also reviewing other leisure sector options to support the viability of the area and will present a revised project appraisal once it's been established and interest from the private sector has been fully appraised.

"We will continue to work to attract businesses to the site and Welsh Government officials are working with Gwynedd Council to progress the delivery of a park and share/ride facility which will accommodate people working outside the Bangor area and could be used to support the needs of businesses setting up at Parc Bryn Cegin.”