A YOUNG girl from North Wales has spread ‘love, positivity and kindness to all’ in memory of the victims of the Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack.

North Wales Police posted on social media that Ellie Taylor marked the two-year anniversary of the awful suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert and dropped off gifts and a message of thanks to North Wales Police.

A spokesman for the police force added: “Everybody here at North Wales Police are extremely touched to have received such a thoughtful and loving gift from Ellie and her family & friends – who are survivors of the Manchester Arena attack which happened two years ago.”

According to the post, the gifts will be distributed to the Armed Response Officers - some of whom provided mutual-aid to their policing colleagues in Manchester following the attack.

Along with the gifts of handmade worker bees – which became a public symbol of unity against terrorism – the

North Wales Police shared Ellie’s note on social media.

It read: “On this two-year anniversary of the Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack, I wanted to share some love, positivity and kindness to all those who have had such a big part in helping me and my family.

“Inspired by the hashtag #BeMoreMartyn we could all make a huge difference, live our best life, be kind to each other, be positive and look out for each other.

“I am so thankful to be supported by so many lovely, caring and kind people over the last two years. I hope you love receiving this little gift as a token of my ongoing thanks, each one is made with love and so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Deputy Chief Constable Richard Debicki said: “Thank you very much Ellie – your courage and thoughtfulness is something for us all to think about.

“North Wales Police’ thoughts remain with all those who were involved in the devastating attack.”