A "PROLIFIC" Bangor offender who was seen on a video kicking a chicken in the air causing it "significant suffering" has been jailed.

Craig Lloyd, 31, from Bangor was sentenced to 42 weeks in prison by Caernarfon Crown Court on Tuesday for a number of offences including burglary.

PC Elwyn Williams of the Western Priority Crime Team said: “Craig Lloyd is a prolific offender who took it upon himself to steal from the livelihood of a well-known pub owner on two separate occasions within six weeks, putting the victim through an horrific ordeal.

"The victim has worked hard to earn a living and Lloyd showed a complete lack of respect for this.

"Lloyd was identified on CCTV despite wearing a mask and was subsequently arrested."

His mobile phone was seized and upon examination a video was found which showed Lloyd viciously kicking a chicken through the air whilst laughing, causing the animal significant suffering.

He added: "We welcome the sentence handed down to Lloyd, an habitual prolific offender, who continually causes significant harm in our community.

"We are grateful to the community for their continued support - our community is now a safer place with Lloyd in prison”.