TWO tiny, days-old kittens were found dumped in a drain on Anglesey.

They were handed into Vanessa Williams' Anglesey and District Feline Support rescue in Holyhead about two weeks ago.

The black and white kittens Oreo and Charlie were so small their eyes had not opened. Sadly, despite 24-hour care at the Morawelon rescue, Oreo died this week, but little Charlie is thriving thanks to Vanessa’s care and her two pet dogs Zeus and Honey.

Zeus, who is a male Podenco, was himself rescued from Gran Canaria, and Honey a female Shih Tzu, have taken on the role of mothering the remaining kitten.

Vanessa said: “Zeus and Honey fell in love with the kittens. They were so tiny, they were no more than a couple of days old. They were found in the Pentraeth area in a drain.

“It ‘s likely they were dumped, it is unlikely for a mother cat to leave kittens, if they fell in she would get them out.”

“Poor little Oreo was doing well at first, it was a shock when he didn’t make it. I was so gutted. We think it was like what happens to human babies under six weeks, like a type of cot death.”

The mum of three added: “Zeus, is so sweet and gentle. He adores Charlie. He took on the role of the dad, doing all the dirty work, licking, cleaning and being on checking duty.”

“It is unusual for a male dog to be so caring. Honey too has been mothering, she would snuggle up with the kittens. The dogs also seemed to understand when the little one died. It was so sad.

“But Zeus is so funny with Charlie, he loves him to bits and nudges him with his nose on the carpet.” Charlie is now headed for temporary foster care, but when he is bigger will be available for adoption. Vanessa has other cats looking for homes and is keen to find a new premise for her rescue. Anyone who can help please contact 079 288 71234.