A SERVICE in memory of those who lost their lives in the Thetis submarine disaster is being held in Holyhead.

A ceremony is being held at 2pm, at the Maeshyfryd Cemetery, on Saturday, May 25. HMS Thetis (N25) was a Group 1 T-class submarine which sank during trials in Liverpool Bay, on June 1, 1939. Of the 99 people who died, 44 people were buried in a mass grave at Maeshyfryd.

The memorial also remembers those lost aboard HMS Thunderbolt. After the Thetis sinking, it was later raised, refurbished and renamed the Thunderbolt. It later sank in the Mediterranean, on March 14, 1943.

The memorial has been organised by Holyhead Maritime Museum and Holyhead Town Council as part of the Armed Forces Day at Holyhead.

Barry Hillier of the Maritime Museum said: "As the Freedom of Anglesey is being granted to the Submariners branch of the Royal Navy it is apt that they be offered an opportunity to pay their respects."