BANGOR City have vowed to fight the 42-point deduction given to them by the Football Association of Wales.

The governing body released a lengthy statement regarding multiple charges that were issued against the club, with the points tally taken off their recently concluded Huws Gray Alliance campaign.

This new points tally would see them relegated from the second tier as a result of the FAW panel ruling, with the decision set to be appealed by the club.

The FAW also confirmed officially the transfer embargo placed on the club that was revealed by The Chronicle last week, which is in place until December 31, 2019.

The Citizens’ stated that they would be appealing the decision that could result in their demotion for the second straight season, outlining their disappointment at the “severely harsh” decision made by the domestic game’s powerbrokers.

A statement from the club, read: “This issue will send shockwaves through the football community as many clubs throughout Wales pay players who are registered as non-contract and who are not on professional contracts.

“In the opinion of the FAW, players who sign standard non-contract forms should NOT be paid apart from expenses and then only if valid receipts are submitted.

“All registration rules have been adhered to and the decision is based on 'balance of probability' rather than adhering to their own rules and regulations.

“All forms signed have been submitted correctly and therefore, no blame can be attributed to any individuals who have been involved with the club.

“The punishment that has been issued is severely harsh and not in keeping with previous punishments for similar issues.

“This decision will be appealed - not just in the interests of Bangor City but for every other club within Welsh football who currently are doing the same thing.”

The ruling relates to failing to comply with their financial obligations towards six of their current or former squad, with three past or present players approaching The Chronicle last week outling the very same problems.

They also are alleged to have failed to submit a copy of employment contract for a specific player to the Association, which “did not follow the procedures set by the Association for Professional Players”.

This player took part in 11 Huws Gray Alliance games between November and March whilst being ineligible.

The club also failed to adhere to the FIFA Transfer Matching System (FIFA TMS) to obtain the International Transfer Certificate for another player, which “is a mandatory step for all international transfers of professional male and female players within the scope of eleven a side football”.