A 33-year-old woman is starting a 31-month jail sentence because of a “misguided” gesture to help her boyfriend.

Kimberley Evans of Bryn Seiont, Caernarfon, was told by Judge Huw Rees at the town’s crown court on Friday: “You were not a drug user – but your boyfriend was.

“You committed this offence because of misguided loyalty.”

She pleaded guilty to possessing heroin with intent to supply in November 2017, the judge being asked by her counsel to take into account the police delay in bringing the case.

Simon Mintz, prosecuting, described how drugs were found in a cupboard and also discovered were scales, bags, drugs paraphernalia and £207 in cash. There were 30 plastic wraps worth £600. Either the defendant or someone else was spotted throwing bags from an upstairs window.

Defence barrister Dafydd Roberts said: “Her boyfriend was a huge user and ran up a debt. He was threatened and told he would have to deal some drugs. Out of totally misguided loyalty she agreed to do so. She wasn’t benefiting herself, she did it for her boyfriend.”