THE UK government’s energy white paper when published in the summer will mark a very big moment in the Wylfa story according to First Minister Mark Drakeford

Mr Drakeford made the observation during a visit to Conwy Castle to mark an Easter boom in tourism. The castle saw the biggest increase in visitor numbers over Easter, and this trend throughout Wales.

Earlier this year Hitatchi froze work on development of its multi-billion pound Wylfa nuclear power station project at Cemaes Bay, Anglesey, casting uncertainty over its future.

Commenting on what might happen to Wylfa, Mr Drakeford said: “Wylfa, I think, really depends on the energy white paper the UK government has promised to publish over the summer because it is going to propose a new financing model for nuclear power across the United Kingdom.

“At that point we will see whether that model is attractive enough to those companies who are temporarily paused on Wylfa.

"That would be a very big moment in the Wylfa story, whether that new model would be sufficient to bring people back to the table. If it does, we will be there, and we will, as a Welsh Government, do what we can to assist in that process."

Mr Drakeford stressed the Welsh Government's commitment to renewable energy, he said: “We are very committed to renewable energy and tidal energy is part of that mix.

"The UK Government turned down a proposal for a Swansea Bay tidal lagoon, despite that that that the committee that itself had set up recommended it positively.

“Of course, we will look at other proposals for tidal lagoon technologies, including the developing ideas up here in Mostyn and ideas for a tidal lagoon stretching from Llandudno to Rhyl.”