A WEEKLY foodshare scheme has evolved into “something quite beautiful”, according to a local Councillor.

Cllr Steve Collings says the scheme set up at Bangor's Plaid Cymru office was devised to help "avoid food waste" and provide free food to those who need it most.

"Plaid Cymru Bangor provide us with the space and volunteers that make hosting the project possible without having to raise money," he said.

"It's 50 times more than I could possibly do on my own. Recently, it has taken only 10 hours of my time to ensure that nearly 400kg of food has been diverted away from landfill to dozens of people who appreciate it.

"That has only happened because of the community machine that has evolved around these foodshares. We are so much stronger when we work together. Community solidarity is everything in these dark and confusing political times."

"It's evolved into something quite beautiful and I am deeply proud of it."

North Wales Chronicle:

Cllr Collings added that, in the supermarkets, there are now about six or seven members of staff who regularly "go above and beyond" by making sure that all the surplus gets gathered for collection and put through the complex system.

Speaking on the people who visit the office, he added: "About half are people who are supporting their own family and the other half are people who are stepping up to support friends, neighbours and vulnerable people who could use the extra food or just don't like to see needless waste.

"I only have the time and energy to be able to gather the goods because im an elected councillor on a wage and, frankly, that provides me with the freedom to be able to join the dots of everything described above, which involves dozens of people.

"All in all there are hundreds of people making this project a success with large and small contributions."

The Bangor Plaid foodshare is held every Sunday at 10am in the Bangor office (70 high street between the Harp and Lidl).