A NORTH Wales Police officer who was mown down by a car at a Llangefni garage forecourt last September has appeared on TV.

The horrific moment that plain clothes officer PC Mark Lee was hit by a black VW Golf was featured on Channel 5’s Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack on Monday night.

The policeman was seen approaching the vehicle at the Texaco filling station on Glanhwfa Road. The driver then uses his car as a weapon striking the officer who is seen landing on the VW’s bonnet, before hitting the concrete floor.

The offender then drives off from the scene.

Speaking on camera PC Lee described how he had first heard loud music coming from the car as it drove along in an aggressive way. It then pulled into the garage.

PC Lee followed the Golf, positioning his vehicle in its path to prevent it from driving off. He then approached the vehicle on foot whilst colleague PC Debbie Moore made checks on the vehicle.

However, as PC Lee ordered the car to stop, it moved forward. The programmes showed footage of the moment he was hit, landing on the bonnet, before being thrown to the ground.

PC Debbie Moore said “it was like something from an action movie. Mark had been struck, the driver wanted to get away even if that meant taking him out.”

PC Lee said: “I was wearing my police vest, Taser and radio, and spray, everything was on show. I shouted ‘stop, police.” He then describes banging his head, and feeling a “really intense, sharp pain as everything went white.”

PC Moore added: “I remember seeing him on the ground and thinking come on, get up now, when he didn’t I realised he was seriously injured. Mark was on the floor and lifeless.”

PC Lee was taken to hospital with a severe concussion. The offender was later apprehended and arrested.