A former Welsh Guardsman who had served in Afghanistan had been given medication while he was in the army which was recognised as having caused an illness.

Magistrates were told this at a weekend court at Llandudno by solicitor Carla Forfar, who defended 36-year-old Dexie Floyd Britland of The Quay, Barmouth.

He pleaded guilty to being within 50 yards of the home of a former partner Mia Brickley, 20, at Barmouth last Thursday in defiance of a restraining order banning any contact.

Britland had been released early from a three-months sentence imposed at Caernarfon crown court for having assaulted her twice.

Gerallt Evans, prosecuting, said the woman had seen him walking towards a kebab house when he started to laugh and made a two-fingered gesture, although he denied this. He admitted having taken cocaine that day. She told police : “I was afraid of him and shocked to see him that evening.”

Mrs Forfar claimed it was a technical breach, because the kebab house and also the chemist where he obtained his medication were close to the woman’s flat.

Britland was ordered to pay £240 in a fine, costs and £50 compensation to his victim. Court chairman David Davies gave “a stark warning” that a future breach would not be treated leniently.