THE rising cost to repair Bangor’s Garth Pier has seen a town council “looking at all avenues for support and funding” for the project's last stage.

Bangor City Council’s restoration of the iconic Victorian structure has been ongoing for two years. Further cash, estimated at under £600,000 is needed to complete the restoration following problems with the pier head.

Two remaining phases will need work once phase three and four of the scheme is complete

Ian Jones Bangor town council clerk said: "We are looking at all avenues for support and funding streams –the EOI – Expression of Interest with HLF has been turned down for now.

“They will not accept our previous experience on earlier phases and insist on detailed surveys and costly consultants, even with that there is no guarantee of success.

“There was a failed HLF bid back in 2014/15, which cost thousands in expert help to put together – money the council could ill afford then or again now. We have taken the work on in-house which has saved upwards of half a million pounds we estimate.

“The main problem was the pier head. Detailed incremental surveys had to be undertaken, revealing more and more challenging problems and the extent of the metal decay.

“Some areas were so bad they could not be saved and new steel both trusses and supports had to replace the decayed and weak areas.”

The Pier head had to be closed due to safety issues weak and corroded trusses.

Mr Jones added: “It was pertinent at the time, especially after the collapse at Colwyn Bay pier. Sixty-nine out of 75 trusses had to be replaced which was expensive both in terms of labour, time and metal.

“The Pier Head area will stay closed to the public until it is deemed not to be a construction site and the Pavilion is rebuilt.

“The Pier is now structurally safe and presents no health and safety issues however unless funding is found the two remaining phases will be left requiring work once phase 3 and 4 are completed.”

It is hoped it will to open to the public in June/July.