A PIECE of Cemaes Bay's nautical history has been saved for future generations following a "labour of love" restoration.

An historic boat winch used on the harbour for decades pulling vessels up the slipway had fallen into neglect.

But it has now been lovingly restored by Wylfa power station's Magnox technician Simon Howden from Amlwch.

The complex restoration was done in his own time but with the permission of his employer using its tools and workspace.

Simon's fellow Magnox colleague rigger Sion "Spike" Williams, who is also the vice-chairman of the Cemaes Bay harbour committee said: "The old winch had fallen into disuse. It was used for years, and it would have pulled the old clinker built boats up the slipway which is very steep.

"We tried to research it, but we don't know the maker's name or exactly how old it is. I remember it being used when I was a boy I even used it to launch my own boat.

"It has been in its location since1969, but it was used much longer than that, it is definitely pre-War, and could be 80-100 years old. It was a part of Cemaes harbour history.

"We asked Simon if he could do anything with it, he is the brains and brawn behind the restoration and he has done a fantastic job."

Simon said: "It was completed seized up and corroded, it had become neglected over the years and they thought it was a write-off. So did I when I started digging into it! I had to restore all the gears. It's British built and quite sturdy."

The project took five months, with Simon working on it in his spare time. Although, fully working the winch is only for display.

He added: "It's been a labour of love. I am absolutely made up at how it turned out. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it for the people of Cemaes, which is beautiful. It's great to have been able to restore a bit of its history."