THEY say that university is the best three years of your life.

But what happens next?

Young company Ugly Bucket Theatre take its debut show 'Bost-Uni Plues' out on the road with a performance at Pontio, in Bangor.

Based on the true experiences and stories told by graduates, the audience join three clowns as they leave the comfort of timetables, deadlines, and student life behind them, to enter the real world - a world full of expectation, proper jobs, and council tax.

Bost-Uni Plues is described as an explosion of energy, honesty, dance, movement, techno, and 'plain silliness' that explores life following graduation.

It is a thought-provoking and hilarious piece of physical comedy that investigates the pressures, and confusions of life after university and highly recommended for recent graduates across the country.

Performed by an outstanding cast of three physical performers, Bost-Uni Plues explores depression in a different way, through the true experiences and stories told by graduates.

Grace Gallagher, director and performer for Ugly Bucket says “Bost-Uni Plues is a completely wild physical journey where you join three clowns through university and post graduate life.

"It’s honest, extremely high energy, physical, really funny.

“It wasn’t until I started to reach out to friends around me that I realised that people were feeling the same way.

"It seems like a good idea to take post-university blues and clown and just ‘smush’ it together,” making the performance more accessible.

Adult supervision for under 16’s is advised due to drug references.

Bost-Uni Plues, by Ugly Bucket Theatre, is on at 7.30pm, in the Studio, Pontio, on Tuesday, April 30.

Tickets are: or 01248 38 28 28.