TRIBUTES have been paid to a beloved Anglesey "character" known for his kindness who died doing what he loved most, riding his bike.

Rhydwyn Wally Needham, died whilst cycling between Llanfaethlu and Llanfachraeth, on the A5025, Anglesey, last Friday.

Wally, thought to be 90-years-old this year, was a regular sight around the north western part of the island cycling and walking.

Originally from Stockport, he came to the island around the age of 18, and first lived in the Church Bay area, where he also enjoyed canoeing.

His friend, Bob Wright, of Llanfachraeth, said: "Everyone knew Wally, he was a wonderful man, he was just "our Wally."

"We think he was 90 this year, but his age was always a bit of a mystery, but despite his advanced years, he was incredibly fit.

"He was a gentlemen, incredibly kind, you'd always get a smile or have a laugh and a joke with him.

"He was always doing errands for people, picking up lottery tickets or getting things from shops for people, going out of his way to help people.

"He is really going to be missed by a lot of people. I knew him for about 58 years.

"It was not unusual to see him walking miles to places like Holyhead, with a canoe on a trolley, or carrying it, and then paddling back, with the trolley on the canoe."

Another close friend, Cllr Ken Pritchard Hughes, said: "Wally Needham was a character, very well liked by many people, he will definitely be missed.

"He was very kind, not only to people but to animals too. He used to walk and cycle for miles, he was very fit for his age.

"It is sad that we have lost him, but at least he'd be happy, that he died doing one of the things that he loved the most, which was cycling on the island."