Mared Fôn Owen, the youngest of the FFIT Cymru leaders, has a special reason to celebrate this week, after losing 10lb - more than twice her weekly target.

Throughout the seven-week FFIT Cymru series, Mared, who is originally from Bodedern but now lives in Bangor, will keep readers up-to-date with her journey in an exclusive column for the North Wales Chronicle.

Here is her first column of the series.

The third-year Bangor University student says that getting up early and having breakfast is a new experience for her. As was shown on Tuesday night, viewers have seen her efforts to be more organised with her food and daily schedule, while her friends are also helping out by taking part in her personal plan.

Manon said: "I’ve lost 10lb! It makes me feel far more optimistic for the series now, and it’s given me the kick that I needed, I think. It’s promising for the rest of the series.

"I’ve been doing cardio and resistance excercises on alternate days. I’ve started walking a lot more as well, and I took a day out just to go walking the other day. I’m just enjoying going out and doing everything.

"I walked up Glanrafon Hill, between Bangor Isaf and Bangor Uchaf, once during the cardio sessions. I’m hoping to fit it into one of the cardio sessions every week.

"The food has been OK. There are some aspects of it that I don’t like. But I’ve been having substitutes. I’m not keen on prawns but I can have chicken instead now.

"A word of advice, people. If you’ve never done anything like running or walking, give it a go because it’s not all that bad. Maybe when I’ve lost a bit more weight, I’ll go back and do some sport. But at the minute, I’m still not comfortable enough to go and join a team just yet."

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