A REPORT outlining ways to safeguard Welsh language centres is to be discussed by Gwynedd council chiefs.

The document, which offers a series of options aimed at ensuring the future of the council run centres, despite a cut in the government grant which funds them, will be considered by the Gwynedd Council's cabinet on April 2.

The report aims to emphasise the council's commitment to find new ways to support a network of Welsh language facilities, reduce costs and ensure long term viability.

Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Education said: “As a council, our innovative education policy and the commitment of our schools and language centres to empower Gwynedd's young people to live their lives through the Welsh language is consistently celebrated as an example of best practice nationally.

"We are determined to continue to lead the way in this vital area.

“It is also evident to everyone that council services have had to face a decade and more of funding cuts.

"Throughout this unprecedented period of austerity, we have been able to protect the budget of our language centres through a time when the rest of our education budget and all other service areas across the council have faced cuts.

“By now, unfortunately, the reduction in government grant funding and staffing costs increasing, we have no choice but to consider new ways of running the language centres with less money.

“As a cabinet we will carefully consider all the evidence submitted by our staff and the unions in the recent consultations, along with the key messages from the Council’s Welsh Language Committee, Education and Economy Scrutiny Committee and the Full Council.

“The council's education department is of the opinion that it is possible to address the comments that have been submitted in a number of ways.

"We will be carefully weighing-up the options carefully before deciding on the best way forward.”