A DAREDEVIL, an illusionist and a juggling-computer-musical genius are making tracks to Bangor

Each year BE FESTIVAL (shortened from Birmingham European Festival) sends three of its favourite shows from its international festival on a UK tour. They arrive at Pontio, at 7.30pm, for a show in the Studio on Saturday, March 16.

In Take Care of Yourself Swiss daredevil and circus performer Marc Oosterhoff, lines up a ludicrous amount of whisky shots and downs them, before attempting to perform a series of hair-raising stunts.

UK performance artist, illusionist and professional liar Tom Cassani, questions our collective construction of truth and lies in Someone Loves You Drive With Care.

Kulu Orr’s funny, multimedia circus show, Control Freak, demonstrates his computer genius and desperate pursuit to control everything using various electronic suits of his design.

BE FESTIVAL is now in its tenth year and the Best of BE FESTIVAL tour is a chance to celebrate the talent and variety of performers and performances from around the world.

Every date includes three separate shows, each lasting 30 minutes.

At the end of the night, the audience can take part in an informal question and answer session with the performers.