LIKE many a Welsh dragon there is a chance to fill the Snowdonia sky with fire during an unusual happening.

Weather permitting a ‘fire/LED jam’ is planned to be held by the lagoons of Llanberis Lake on Sunday, March 17.

The fiery event, at 7pm, has been organised by Frankie Mayfield, of Faerial Performances. It will see beginners and experienced fire and light performers coming together.

Activities include dancing and spinning using hoops and fans, twirling with ‘poi’ (balls on string), acrobatics and tricks, using flaming staves including a giant 4ft star.

The exciting events were started by 27-year-old Frankie Mayfield, of Brynrefail, who works at the Beacon Climbing Centre in Caernarfon. She also teaches aerial ‘silks’ - circus style acrobatic skills using long silk ropes.

Frankie first got involved with fire skills, including fire breathing, after attending a workshop in Manchester by Australian performer Shade Flamewater.

“It was amazing and I thought that is something that I must do! I realised, if I wanted to do it, there must be others who would too,” she said.

“The jams are arranged so like-minded people, who already dance and spin with fire, can meet up, share skills and teach other new tricks.

“It’s also a great opportunity to gives young people a chance to try something new and meet new friends.

“It’s been very popular, there were about 10 or 15 people spinning at the last one, and about 60 people came to watch.”

Anyone who wants to watch is welcome, although they are asked to stay behind the safety barriers.

The jams go on for about three to four hours.

Due to the weather, the venue may change and could be held in the nearby cycle path tunnel.

See the Faerial Performances Facebook page for final confirmation of the location. Faerial Performances also hosts other events including aerial jams, stilt walking and workshops and supports local charity events and businesses in Llanberis.