A MAN who stamped a seagull to death in Holyhead train station has been convicted under the Animal Cruelty Act.

Martin Maguire, 52, and of no fixed address, was found guilty of intentionally killing a wild bird at Caernarfon Magistrates’ Court on February 4.

The court heard that, at around 5:30am on August 7 2018, Maguire followed a seagull who was walking down a platform and purposely trapped it into a corner by some poster boards.

CCTV shows Maguire then kicking and stamping down on the head of the seagull several times before walking away, killing it in the process.

A member of station staff was starting their shift soon after and found the dead seagull with a broken neck and snapped wing.

After an investigation by British Transport Police (BTP) officers, Maguire was arrested after being spotted at Holyhead station in November.

At court, he was fined £180, and ordered to pay a surcharge of £30 to fund victim services, plus £200 in costs to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Investigating Officer PC Harry Thompson said: “This was a mindless and violent attack on an innocent animal, who suffered a painful, unnecessary and cruel death at the hands of Maguire.

“It was also incredibly distressing for the member of staff who found the dead seagull, and then had to watch Maguire’s attack in full on CCTV.

“I am pleased we were able to bring him before the courts as violence against anyone, including animals, will not be tolerated.”