A BENLLECH couple have been “overwhelmed by the kindness of their community” after their beloved Bedlington terrier Toby almost died when his skull was crushed in a vicious dog attack.

The gentle, friendly 14-year-old pooch, owned by Victor and Barbara Wallace, received “life threatening injuries,” when a male American pitbull leapt onto him, clamping its powerful jaws on his head.

Barbara, who was walking Toby on his lead in the Maes Llydan, Breeze Hill area, was also knocked to the ground, in the horrific incident which happened at 11am, on Saturday, January 19.

Barbara said: "We were walking on the grass verge, and this white pitbull shot out from behind me. I felt its weight as it knocked against the back of my legs and I fell to the ground.

"It jumped on Toby and clamped its jaws around his head. I tried to pull it off, but it was just too strong.

"A young lad ran over and managed to pull the pitbull free.

“Toby was in terrible state, he's got a compression fracture of his skull and nasty bite wounds on his head and neck.

"He's also got two painful abscesses as a result of the bites, and which had to be drained. He's really been through it."

After the attack Toby has needed almost daily veterinary care which has cost the couple almost £700 to date.

Vet David Reid, of Bennet Williams, vets said: "Toby had very nasty injuries, in fact life threatening, with a compound fracture of his skull.

"He was hospitalised at first, and has had to have a lot of treatment. We weren't sure he'd make it at first, but he has pulled through and we are really pleased that he is doing well now."

Since the attack, the couple say they have been inundated with visits and calls from neighbours and friends.

"The kindness of the Benllech community, our friends and neighbours, has just been incredible," said Barbara.

"There has been a constant stream of people ringing us and coming to the door to ask how Toby is.

"He is very popular in the neighbourhood and always like to say hello to everyone.

"He's had lots of get well cards and we have so many bunches of flowers we've run out of vases! We are so grateful to everyone. We have been overwhelmed by their kindness."

Victor said: “We just want to thank the residents of Benllech for their help, support and sympathy in the aftermath of the horrific attack.

“Toby suffered extremely severe injuries, if it was not for the expert veterinary treatment of our vets, he would not be with us today.

"Proper control for these powerful dogs is essential in a town with many pets."