A PONTRUG couple have shown on TV that love is better the second time around.

Carys and Dyfed Hughes Jones were married again with the help of their son Alun and Welsh reality show Priodas Pum Mil.

The couple, who were seen on the S4C programme on Tuesday evening, were originally married in 1995 but split after four years.

Then, after meeting up after 20 years they decided to tie the knot again.

The couple hadn’t seen each other since their break up, even though Carys lived in Caernarfon and Dyfed in Bangor.

Carys said: “I think we got married too soon the first time.

“We were too young and we didn’t really know what we wanted.

“Unfortunately, the relationship broke down but we’re making up for it now, and we are stronger this time around.”

When Alun turned 18 he wanted to meet up with his father, so the couple arranged to meet.

Carys said: “The first meeting was quite difficult, but we were there for Alun’s sake.

“Over the weeks and months, we talked a lot and with the support of our families, we decided to start again.”

When they considered remarrying, the couple decided they wanted to do something different, and called on Wales’s best-known wedding planners Emma Walford and Trystan Ellis-Morris and the Priodas Pum Mil programme.

The show helps couples plan their wedding for £5,000. But, there are conditions, family and friends must organise the wedding without the couple’s input.

Carys and Dyfed also wanted to do something special to thank their son Alun for getting them back together.

As he loves trains, Carys and Dyfed’s marriage involved a special blessing ceremony aboard the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway. The couple were officially married at Caernarfon Register office sometime before the filming.

After their train ride and blessing the couple were filmed during their wedding breakfast and evening function at the Royal Victoria Hotel in Llanberis.

Carys said: “We had a fantastic day with one surprise after another.”

“It’s such an inspiring story,” said Steve Lee, general manager of the Royal Victoria.

“It just goes to show that true love never dies.

“We were delighted to play a part in Carys and Dyfed’s ‘big day’ and help make it a day they will never forget.”