PWLLHELI lifeboat crews and supporters are eagerly awaiting a decision on whether its proposed new boathouse can be built.

The RNLI station is scheduled to receive a new Shannon class lifeboat, and to accommodate the vessel a new lifeboat house is necessary. Planning permission is needed for the new boathouse because Shannon class lifeboats are larger than the station’s existing Mersey class boat, the Lily and Vincent Anthony. However it will bring are a step change improvement in performance.

The new boat is due on station in 2020, and it is hoped building work on the boathouse will be able to be started in the spring.

Clive Moore, Pwllheli’s coxswain and architect for the boathouse said: “It’s a new and exciting chapter for the crew. We will now be immersed in training and preparing for the new boat.”

Tomos Moore, a crew member said: “We crew members will take pride in receiving the new boat and are looking forward to its arrival and are eagerly awaiting the council’s decision.”

State of the art Shannon class lifeboats are propelled by waterjets instead of traditional propellers, making them the most agile and manoeuvrable all weather lifeboat to date. They are self righting, carry a crew of six, and can achieve 25 knots, even in heavy weather and have a range of 250 nautical miles.

A spokesman for Gwynedd County Council said the planning application will be decided under delegated powers and won’t have to go to the planning committee He added the decision will be made shortly.