A 60-YEAR-old man did not seek bail when he pleaded guilty on Friday to an indecent images offence.

Emlyn Williams of Tai Beuno, Caernarfon, was accused of making more than 1,300 indecent images of children at his address between July 2017 and July last year.

Diane Williams, prosecuting at Llandudno court, said there were more than 1,000 of category A – the most serious – and involved images of boys and girls aged between three months and 16 years. Magistrates agreed with her application for the case to be heard at the crown court. “We decline jurisdiction,” announced chairwoman Jean Bryson.

Williams made no indication of plea to several other offences involving images.

His solicitor Chris Dawson said the defendant “had no objection to being remanded in custody.”

Williams, a warehouseman, was sent in custody to Caernarfon crown court where he will appear on February 12.