ROAD improvement projects and travel links in Gwynedd and Anglesey are to benefit from a share of £78million Government cash.

Transport Secretary Ken Skates has announced that money is available for projects in north West Wales, from the Welsh Government’s Local Transport Fund,

The cash, given the go-ahead by Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford, will be broken down into £26million instalments over the next three financial years from 2018/19.

All 22 local authorities in Wales who made bids for funding to the Welsh Government, with a total of 82 applications totalling £34million, will receive an allocation from the additional in-year funding.

More than 60 projects will either be partially or fully funded during the remainder of 2018/19, with schemes also providing £7.2million in match funding.

The money in North West Wales will go towards programmes in Anglesey, Gwynedd and Conwy, to improve safety, reduce congestion, create economic growth and promote active travel.

Projects include: Gwynedd Council which will receive £340,000 for phase 2 of active travel improvements to Lon Las Peris between Llanberis and Caernarfon and the Anglesey Gaerwen Park and Share scheme. Funding will also be provided for preparation works to develop new infrastructure at Holyhead Port.

Transport Secretary Ken Skates said: “I’m delighted that a host of transport projects across Wales.

“These schemes have the potential to make a massive difference to people’s everyday lives, with improvements to transport networks, infrastructure and cycle lanes making it easier to choose active and sustainable travel.

“This funding could also prove a shot in the arm to the Welsh economy by making it easier for people to travel for both business and leisure.”

Local Authority Scheme allocated funds for 2018/19 include: Gwynedd, Lon Las Peris, Llanberis to Caernarfon (Phase 2), £340,000; Gwynedd Sustainable Bus Partnership 45,000, Gwynedd Cibyn Transport Hub, Caernarfon, £42,000,

Gwynedd Bryncegin Transport Hub, Bangor, £74,500, Gwynedd Llanbedr Access Road £1,374,000, Isle of Anglesey, Anglesey All Inclusive Transport Bid - Holyhead Gateway Hub £306,000, Anglesey All Inclusive Transport Bid - preparation works to develop new infrastructure at Holyhead Port, £298,000 and Gaerwen Park & Share, £59,000.