A ROW over a gaggle of geese has blown up in Llanwnda.

Last week Penny Kay, who lives with husband Bob, at the Chatham Log Cabins park, near Caernarfon, told the Chronicle that 22 feral geese were making her and neighbours' lives "misery.”

She asked Chronicle readers if anyone could help by offering to give the birds a new home.

However, since then, a local man Colin Land has come forward and claimed ownership.

“The geese are not anyone else's to give away. I am now very worried that people will think they can just come and get them.” He said.

“I want people to know that they can’t come and take them. I admit they can be a bit of a nuisance at times, they do like to wander over to the river, they have got a taste for the water over there, but they are not aggressive to people or pets.”

Mrs Kay says she has had several people contact her to offer the geese a new home since the Chronicle article.

She said: “I acted in good faith. No one had come forward to claim ownership. The council had previously written to everyone to try to find out who owned them, but no one said they were theirs.

“I have had about four or five people contact me to offer the geese new homes. Since, then I have taken their numbers and explained the situation.

“The owner needs to keep them on his property. They do frighten people, one of my elderly neighbours is terrified, and they make a lot of noise and leave a mess.”

However, another neighbour, retired farmer Emlyn Roberts, and who also lives on the cabin estate, disagrees the geese are aggressive.

Mr Roberts, who is a well known sheepdog handler in competitions, and a regular at Crufts, where he was the first to herd geese with dogs, said: “They are not an aggressive type of geese at all. A lot of people say they like to see them wandering about. Especially the little kiddies, some come here on holiday and they like to feed them. They are more of a pet breed really.”

Mrs Kay added: “This is a residential area, and this is an environmental issue.”

Another nearby resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The geese are a nuisance.

"They are left to wander about and they have gone feral. The council hasn’t done anything to sort it out despite complaints.”

A spokesperson for Gwynedd Council said: “The Council has been supplied with some limited information which may assist in the process of establishing ownership of these geese. Attempts are currently being made to contact the owner with a view to discussing control measures.”