WITH winter just around the corner, roads policing officers are urging drivers to ensure their tyres are fit for purpose.

October is National Tyre Safety Month – a campaign aimed at highlighting the dangers of driving with bald or under-inflated tyres.

Checks were carried out in Holyhead earlier this week where several vehicles were stopped, prompting officers to call on all North Wales Drivers to make sure their tyres are safe.

Many of the motorists were advised to have their vehicles checked over by a reputable garage due to the tracking on their tyres causing uneven tyre wear.

One man was stopped and on inspection the inside edge on one of the tyres was worn, despite having only purchased new front tyres four weeks previously.

This wear was likely to have been caused by the tracking being out of alignment causing the tread to scrub from the inside edge of the tyre.

PC Eifion Jones from the Roads Policing Unit said: “With the winter months only around the corner it is essential that people are safe when out and about on the roads.

“Defective and under inflated tyres is a serious problem which affects steering, braking and the stability of the vehicle.

"It is quite shocking when we see vehicles that have under inflated and dangerous tyres.

“Ideally tyres should be checked once a month and before any long journeys.

"This should include checking the air pressure, overall condition and that the tread depth is at least 1.6mm.

"The best way to find this is by looking at the tread depth indicator, in the grooves of the tyre which is set at 1.6mm. If the tread becomes level with this it is time to change the tyre.

"It is also worth checking the tyre and removing any stones or other objects embedded in the tread and look out for any bulges, lumps or cuts.

“Checks like these are all part of our ongoing commitment to keep the roads safe.

"With winter fast approaching we would like to remind drivers to check the condition of their vehicles.

"We will be carrying out unannounced checks over the coming weeks.”

Anybody who may have information regarding vehicles that they believe are being driven whilst in a dangerous condition can report them to North Wales Police on 101, or alternatively via the live web chat service.

Further information regarding Tyre Safety Month can be found on the website: www.tyresafe.org