THE town of Beaumaris will continue to strengthen its connections to Australia this month through the arrival of a special guest.

Earlier this year, members of the "Beaumaris Link Group" contacted locals in a place of the same name over in Victoria.

Liz Millman, who regularly visits her family in Melbourne, made contact with the Australian Beaumaris Rotary Club and links began to be established between the two places.

That bonding of the two areas will continue on Friday, October 12 as Elizabeth Jane Corbett gives a talk on her novel; "The Tides Between".

Taking place from 7pm at the David Hughes centre near the Beaumaris castle, the meeting will see Elizabeth talk about her experiences of families travelling to Australia.

Looking forward to hearing her stories, Beaumaris Links member Liz said: "We can't wait to welcome Elizabeth to our very own Beaumaris.

"She was invited to Wales to make a presentation about her amazing achievements in learning Welsh at the National Eisteddfod and since then she has been staying in north Wales doing research for her next novel, which will also reflect her passion for all things Welsh."

Born and brought up in Melbourne, Elizabeth taught herself Welsh using the online course “Say Something in Welsh” alongside attending classes at the Welsh Church in Melbourne, where she now teaches the language.