A COLOURFUL display of over 20,000 knitted poppies was unveiled at Bangor Cathedral over the weekend, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice.

The poppies, which have been sent to the Cathedral from as far away as Australia, have also been put on display to help remember the men and women from Wales who died in the first World War.

The project in search of the poppies launched in May and within a couple of weeks members of the Cathedral were inundated with offerings from around the world.

"The response in the local community has been amazing," said Dean of Bangor, Very Rev. Kathy Jones.

"We have had poppies sent in from all over the world - including France and Australia."

Many of those present during the unveiling believed that the display got the message of commemoration across well.

As well as the traditional red poppies, purple ones were also included to remember the fallen horses of the war. White poppies were also placed to pay respects to those shot at dawn.

The unique display was unveiled at the RAF centenary service held at the Cathedral on Saturday and will remain there until Remembrance Sunday.

Once dismantled, the poppies will be sold for £1 each in aid of various armed forces charities, including the Royal British Legion.