A METAL DETECTING group on Anglesey have received high praises this week after helping a father recover a precious ring he had lost on a beach.

On Monday, David Williams was out on a walk with his family at Cemlyn beach. The day after, the 66-year-old discovered he had misplaced the piece of jewellery among the sand and pebbles.

Knowing that her father was distraught by losing something of such sentimental value, daughter Ali Williams appealed for help via social media. That's when the AC/DC (Anglesey Celtic Detecting Club) decided that this was the job for them.

Setting out on their first club hunt together since forming a couple of months ago, the team of five searched for two hours before eventually finding the golden ring.

"There was five of us from the group involved, myself, Dafydd Coupe, Richie Roberts and John and Ian Gray," Said Steffan Coupe, who also runs the popular Lobster Pot restaurant in Church Bay.

"It was a bit of a needle in the haystack situation as the ring had been lost for around two days and as such, a few tides had passed since then.

"Luckily, just as we thought there would be no sign of the ring popping up, we found it!"

Steffan says he used his Garrett AT Pro detector to help find the ring and was down to his last bit of signal when the group recovered it for its rightful owner.

The gold ring has since been returned to Mr Williams, much to both his and his family's delight.

"I want to send the ACDC so much love and appreciation," Ali said.

"Within a day, they had a team of five people out searching together, and they found my Dad’s ring.

"They gave us their time and amazing expertise to get this fantastic result. They are an incredible bunch of guys to whom my dad will always be grateful, so I would like to say thank you."