CELEBRITY Johnny Vegas delighted staff and customers at an historic Beaumaris bakery when he popped in for some muffins.

The TV star, who is holidaying on Anglesey, laughed and joked with staff and customers at Central Bakery and somehow ended up behind the counter.

The TV star of shows such as Benidorm, Still Open All Hours, and who is a regular on the comedy quiz and chat circuits, surprised customers serving up their breakfast pain au chocolat, crusty loaves and croissants on Wednesday morning.

And he was also coached in the Welsh language by the bakery staff who presented him with a traditional cake – a Bara Brith – (translates as speckled bread) which they said he could only have as long as he could say it!

Clare Roberts, who runs the Margaret Street bakery, with her husband Willliam, said "It was great fun to meet Johnny Vegas. One of the shop girls spotted him walking by and they just couldn't believe it.

"He was on holiday in the area, it was about 8.30am - 9.am ish on Monday morning. He'd popped out to get some bits and bobs for his mum, and he had some muffins and croissants.

"Next think you know, he was behind the counter, laughing and joking, and got into serving the customers.

"He picked up the tongs and was handing out the pain au chocolat like he worked here. The staff and customers all thought it was hilarious!

"Then, we had him saying Welsh words and we said you can have a Bara Brith free if you can say it. He said it very well! He even went out of the shop shouting, "Bara Brith, Bara Brith, Bara Brith!"

The Margaret Street bakery has been running in Beaumaris since 1897. It has been in the same family for five generations.